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XL’s Featured Tribes Men Of The Week Myrick D Birdine

XL’s Featured Tribes Men Of The Week Myrick D Birdine

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XL’s Featured Tribes Men Of The Week Myrick D Birdine

1. What are your biggest fashion obstacles?
One of my biggest fashion obstacles would have to be stepping out of my comfort zone. I’ve always felt that since I was a bigger guy I couldn’t wear certain types of clothing. But I’ve come to the knowledge that if you have the confidence to wear it, GO FOR IT!

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2. Where are you from and what are biggest fashion trends in your city?
I am from the small city of Adel, GA. And to be honest, the trend to me is if it looks good on you wear it! It’s not really a trend but a movement. I would like to give a shout out to a fashion designer that’s from my very own city, Jasmine Allen. She is the CEO of UglyUrban. You all should definitely check her out


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3. Tell us about your biggest fashion nightmare and if it came true do explain. (attach a picture if you can)
I’ve probably had several fashion nightmares. I’ve worn suits that were not properly fitted. I have also worn shirts and pants that were way too big.

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4. What are some of your biggest style inspirations?
Through my fashion journey, I’ve received inspiration from everywhere. Such as Pinterest, Google and pictures in magazines. Some of my social media inspirations are Micheal-Anthony Spearman @thebigfashionguy, Mike Taylor @mike_thegent , Kavah @gentlemenscurb and Jay @jaygats. These guys are really killing the game right now.

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5.Where do you see yourself in five years and how do you see yourself accomplishing it?
I see myself starting my own brand, not just for fashion but, to inspire people in all walks of life. I want to start by giving back to the community that helped develop me into the person I am today.

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6.What do you feel is missing in fashion for the men of size?
I believe the main thing is the selection of clothing. But, I also feel that being a man of size, we can’t be afraid to step out of our comfort zone. I know for a long period of my life, I felt that because of my size I didn’t look as good as other people. I feel as men of size we must elevate our self-esteem and let the world know that we can do this fashion thing too. And with platforms like XL Tribe and myself, it shows the world we can do it and do it BIG like the people we are!

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