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XL’s Featured Tribesmen Of The Week From Luke Sanders

XL’s Featured Tribesmen Of The Week From Luke Sanders

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eing a big and tall man for over ten years has come with its struggles. Dealing with negative comments and experiences hasn’t been easy. As well as finding fashionable clothes and comfortable seating at times. Though being Big and Tall can be rough, I’ve allowed it to fuel me. I’ve had the privilege to sing for several years as a teenager, perform at the Madame CJ Walker building in Indianapolis and being featured in Indy Star Newspaper. I have also worked with multiple radio stations, endorsed an apparel line and attended industry events. I’ve also created three digital series and hosted my first podcast. I’m grateful that I was able to use my recent shows to talk about being plus size, mental health and discuss many other topics. This year I received my Radio Marketing Professional Certificate from the RAB. 

1. My biggest fashion obstacles are finding a variety of options, comfortable clothes and also finding accessories.

2. I’m from Indianapolis, AKA “Naptown” and I would describe my style as adventurous. I like to push the envelope with my style. I don’t like looking bland and like everyone else. I love finding stylish jackets and unique boots. I also like to wear colors, accessorize, and be sexy. I believe everyone can dress sexy with and without showing skin; I try to a bit of both.

3. I think your pants falling down is a well known general nightmare, it’s definitely happened to me. Thankfully just around family. Sadly, I believe I’ve faced my fashion nightmares. Everything from not having my pants pulled up, not having my shirt pulled down enough, ripping my shorts and forgetting cuff links. I’m so glad I don’t have photos of these catastrophic moments. 

4. Some of my 2019 goals have come true. I’ve had the opportunities to speak on stage, tape news segments, conclude my first podcast, attend radio programs, partner with Amazon Fire TV as well as Binge Networks. I have also received radio certifications, signed for my first new car, turned 20 years old, met industry people, networked with radio executives from all over the world, met DJ Envy, Charlemagne Tha God, Comedians featured on NBC and Comedy Central. Lastly, I have also continued writing more music, attended my first studio session, spoke on the radio and co-hosted friends podcasts.

5. In five years, I plan to be more comfortable. Comfortable in my career, personal life and with a solid foundation. I also plan to have more stability and connections. I want to have multiple investments, streams of income and more experience in the entertainment industry. By continuing to make connections, pushing myself, trusting my ideas, owning my talents, believing in myself and God I believe will help me achieve my five year goals. 

6. I have been Big & Tall for over ten years. I was almost always the tallest person in my class since elementary school. Out of the many misconceptions about plus size men is that we are indestructible. I believe that having strength as a human is important, but I don’t believe just because of my size that you can say and do anything to me. Another misconception is that Big & Tall men aren’t sexy or sexually active. We are still human, we handle our buisness

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7. When it comes to fashion styles and taste, Goo Goo Atkins and Marcus Shepard would be my top two public figures to swap styles with because they take risks! They wear unique pieces, colors and jewelry.

My Instagram handle is @imlukesanders
This is the link to my current digital series “Luke’s Life Chronicles”’s+Life+Chronicles

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