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Introducing​ Dip By Kroger With Myles

Introducing​ Dip By Kroger With Myles

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Introducing​ Dip By Kroger With Myles

Introducing​ Dip By Kroger With Myles. So we’re going on a trip on to A place where people don’t usually think they can find clothes. However, we found some amazing Big and Tall options… and guess what store it was Kroger‘s. Listen it took me some time to get over clothes being in Kroger’s I know there are plenty other store that offer these options ie (Target, Wal-Mart etc). Even the name of the brand is so fitting for where’s its located.

Introducing​ Dip By Kroger

Joseph Mimran according to Wikipedia is an Moroccan-Canadian fashion designer and entrepreneur who is best known for launching the Club Monaco and Joe Fresh brands.

Joe Mimran
Fashion designer Joe Mimran, creator of Kroger’s new Dip apparel line

Mimran explained: “We looked at Kroger’s unmatched heritage in food. We thought about the fun, easy energy of the clothes. We thought about what makes every gathering. And it just kind of clicked – Dip.” He added that like the food it’s named for, “Dip is simple, fresh and goes great with everything.”

Progressive Grocer

About The Looks

Myles Shirt:Kroger’s $19 Pants:Kroger’s $19

Kirk’s Shirt: Kroger’s $4 Pants 1 & 2 Kroger’s $4

Introducing​ Dip By Kroger

In A statement from Kroger’s

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Dip creates a new experience for our customers, focusing on a thoughtfully designed and curated collection that is simple, stylish and affordable,” said Christina Groth, VP of general merchandise at Cincinnati-based Kroger. “During the product development process, we were intentional about creating a brand that’s unique and resonates with our shoppers – and we believe we’ve done just that.

Progressive Grocer

When me and Myles went to Kroger to see his signage I wasn’t expecting him to be all over the store and that made me proud. Please watch the video below and check out our dope fashions from Kroger.

PS not all Kroger’s have the DIP line its only in Kroger Marketplace.

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