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5 Lessons I’ll Take With Me Into Fatherhood

5 Lessons I’ll Take With Me Into Fatherhood

5 Lessons I’ll Take With Me Into Fatherhood

Here are the 5 Lessons I’ll Take With Me Into Fatherhood. I think it’s important to talk about other facets of our life besides fashion. I feel like there are so many other facets to us than just fashion. So, I wanted to take this opportunity going into your forward into year five to really dive into the essence of who we are as men.

And, all of the things that make us who we are. The things that keep us up at night. For me, one of those things that keep me up at night is fatherhood I stress about it quite regularly. Will I be good at it, what like what is it going to be like and I had an opportunity that presented itself for me to exercise the father and muscle so I compiled five lessons that I really learned from this experience and I hope this helps someone who is thinking about being a father who is currently a father with me we just need some reminders or some tips. 

5 Lessons I’ll Take With Me Into Fatherhood

Lesson 1 

The patients that I already have has to be doubled because kids seem to don’t listen the first time you talk so you gonna need to talk to them a bunch of times. 

Lesson 2

Whatever you thought unthink it and unlearn it. Kids will teach you really quickly that the truth of the matter is they’re going to do whatever they want to do. Until you put the smackdown on them. 

Lesson 3 

These kids are expensive. You hear me extensive. Listen in two weeks my light bill, water bill and grocery bill has gone up. Not to mention the endless amounts of games the endless amounts of toys and educational things they’re always trying to get you to buy from an ad they seen on YouTube kids. He wanted me to subscribe to Disney + to watch a show he saw advertised.

Lesson 4 

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I am not going to sugarcoat language from my child. While Meshach was here I spoke very candidly about everything.  Granted there were some moments where I did respect the fact that he is three so I didn’t go overboard. One thing for a fact my child won’t be shelter and uncultured. 

Lesson 5 

I’m going to LET MY CHILD SPEAK. Growing up one of the most crippling things is your inability to speak. I remember people kept saying to me you don’t speak I don’t care what you think. Oh, and my favorite “stay in a child’s place” or my other favorite one “what you doing in grown folks business.”

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