XL Tribe Magazine Issue 8 With Brandon Madden


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XL Tribe Magazine Issue 8 With Brandon Madden . Who is Brandon Madden you may ask? 

Brandon is a model, actor, voice actor, sport broadcaster, real estate investor and were just scratching the surface of all Mr. Madden’s talents. I can’t wait for you’ll to dive into this amazing article and get to the man behind the photos. 

So while Brandon and I were chatting I learned something new about his voice acting career so I wanted to pull some exclusive quotes from the interview to share in the blog post. 

“See, these are things you don’t think about. People always try to be in the spotlight, but, I feel like that’s a whole career in itself. Outside everything else you do, and that’s the thing about how dynamic you are. It’s like you can pick out one thing out of the pile of gifts you have and that could be its own standalone career. So you’re 20 different people in this one body. So much talent.”

I try to work on, being the best version of myself as much as possible, whether it’s staying healthy, working out on a regular basis, working on the range of my voice, being a better model. Um, you know, working on my businesses being a better, a better father. I just tried to make sure I work on at least one or two of those on a regular basis at a time, so I keep getting better.

Physical copies are on Pre-Order and wil be mailed out on or before October 22. The Phycical copy does come with a free digital copy as well.

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